By Danilo Cicero

Danilo Cicero(1999), has been creating digital and analog artworks since 2014. He is an artist with a clear autonomous and intuitive path, self-taught. Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with 23 years old, he worked with national and international artists of great importance. He is currently developing his art through digital design, he is interested in all kinds of disciplines related to visual art. He works with a very marked and polyvalent aesthetic, being able to carry out diverse commissions with fluency.
In July 2021 (in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic), he dabbled in crypto-art full time, the personal works he used to create to post on Instagram he started selling them as NFT's, specifically collage pieces. Collage, both digital and analog, was always present in his works. In the last time his work decanted for this discipline, with great dedication. He finds in collage the possibility of taking something old and giving it a new life; through images that are already forgotten he resignifies them, placing them in new times and spaces, generating new universes with his ideas. As a crypto-artist his works have been exhibited in Miami, USA (MI:MA//CROSS A physical/virtual NFT GALLERY), in Montreal, Canada (NFTs ON A BIKE!), in New York, USA (Teia After-Party) and in Buenos Aires Argentina (Muestra ARCHIVO LANZA). His NFT's are hosted on Tezos and Ethereum blockchains, mainly Teia(ex hicetnunc) and Opensea, among others. He works only single-issue pieces (1/1) so his works are somewhat exclusive.

⚫︎Solo Exhibitions:
•Muestra ARCHIVO LANZA, Centro Cultural Mercado Municipal, Buenos Aires, Avellaneda.

⚫︎Group Exhibitions:
•MI:MA//CROSS A physical/virtual NFT GALLERY at le Rouge as part of @artbasel Miami at #MiamiArtWeek, United States.
•Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 / Panama Convention Center / La Calzada De Amador, Panamá.
•NFTs ON A BIKE! / Montreal, Canada.
•Teia After-Party in New York, United States.

•Collage Worldwide (@collage.worldwide) instagram post of my work "The Man".
•Instagram post by The Aesthetic Postman (@theaestheticpostman) of my work "The Man".
•Instagram post from Sociedad Argentina de Collage (@sa_collage) of my works "The Man", "She" and "Cross Realities".
•Contemporary Collage Magazine(@contemporarycollagemagazine) instagram post of my work "Freedom" selected for Humanity month.
•Discovercollage2.0(@discovercollage2.0) instagram post of my work "Rinnovare".
•Paris Collage Collective.ultd(@pariscollagecollective.ultd) instagram post of my work "The Desire Of All".
•One Hundred Days Of Loneliness(@one.hundred.days.of.loneliness) instagram post of my work "Celestial Travelers".
•Instagram post by visual_duuck(@visual_duuck) of my work "No Face".
•Kolasp(@ko.la.sp)'s instagram post of my piece "That Which Defines You".
•NFT ART Exhibition published my work "THE DESIRE OF ALL" on their website/networks and also in their virtual gallery.
•Clean NFT Union(@cleannftunion)instagram post of my work "THE FUN".
•The artist Alexandru Crisan publishes my work "TRASGRESSORE" in his art gallery "All graphic traditional techniques" in ArtLimited.

Danilo Cicero in conversation with Clarin Newspaper (revista viva). Article: NFT Digital Works.
Is art moving to the Internet?

•#2 CICLO HIJAS DEL ARTE: NFTS Y ECOLOGIA @hijasdelarte/@greennft_arg, By Danilo Cicero curaduria de artistas NFT. Espacio Hijas Del Arte / Buenos Aires, Palermo.